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Book Swap and Barbeque….

June 23, 2017

 And Fergal came too…..

A wonderfully sunny day, the garden looking splendid, stalls ready to sell, bunting flying over the gate and garden: what’s going on? Why, Castle Hill House Residential Home on Bimport in Shaftesbury is holding a Book Swap and Barbeque.

And the books came, some in shopping trolleys, some tucked onto arms, others discreetly in carrier bags. And they piled up and were sorted and were examined and were bought (leaving in Cedars Castle Hill carrier bags). Altogether a good idea.

Shaftesbury Community Choir sang their hearts out for us standing out in their bright red tops – lovely to have them with us. The BBQ was a sell out and as for the pudding bake off – it sold out, leaving Dr Sue Daddy as winner with her lemon meringue roulade.

Lemon Meringue Roulade

Many residents came to join in helped by their visiting families and they enjoyed seeing Fergal our house PAT dog who spent most of his time by the raffle with master making sure he didn’t get too hot!

Becky Smith Castle Hill House Home Manager