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We always need Volunteers!

At Cedars Castle Hill we really care about our Volunteers.   If you volunteer for us there are many benefits: We will provide you with training. Pay any out of pocket expenses, such as travel, refreshments etc. Give you the opportunity to do something worthwhile in your...

Carols at Cedars Nursing Home

Yesterday afternoon I put my head into the lounge at Cedars Nursing Home and was delighted to see a group of smiling children wearing festive hats and jumpers standing by the Christmas Tree. The choir of Abbey School were singing Christmas Carols, both traditional and new, their...

As I Walked Out One November Morning

It was a beautiful crisp and frosty morning here in Shaftesbury. Gold Hill and Blackmore Vale looked stunning with a sprinkling of silver and as I walked to work it felt good to be alive. With only a few weeks to go now until Christmas our Homes are buzzing with preparations. On...

Autumn at Cedars Castle Hill.

Autumn has been a busy time at Cedars Castle Hill with everyone working hard to make the most of this wonderful time of year and its celebrations. As leaves fluttered and fell to the ground and the weather changed daily from bright sunshine to murky skies and lashing wind and...

Cedars Nursing Home have a Job Vacancy for a Deputy Home Manager

JOB TITLE: Deputy Home Manager Cedars Nursing Home Salaried contract £35,000 per annum. (Probationary period of 6 months at £33,500) 40 hours per week including weekends, Bank Holidays and nights if needed. REPORTING TO : Home Manager Cedars Nursing Home ACCOUNTABLE ...