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Dr Geoffrey Tapper Life President. RIP

Dr Tapper was a GP for 30 years and has lived in Shaftesbury for the last 50 years.

Dr Geoffrey Tapper was the driving force behind the creation of Cedars Castle Hill and who, with a small group of similar minded people, began to make plans for a care home in Shaftesbury in the 1980’s. This was named The Shaftesbury Community Health Association (SCA).


The original care home at Bimport in Shaftesbury was the old maternity hospital.  This was expanded and in the 1990’s, another facility was built at The Cedars to accommodate residents with higher dependency and nursing needs.  The charity has subsequently been renamed as Cedars Castle Hill and was incorporated into a company limited by guarantee.

Dr Tapper is now our Life President and still remains very much involved with Castle Hill House and The Cedars.